Astronomy is the study of the stars, planets, and other celestial objects that populate the sky.  It is an endlessly fascinating field and perhaps the oldest of the natural sciences. It is open and accessible for any level of interest and involvement, from people who just want to learn how to recognize the constellations, all the way to near pros with telescopes worth more than their houses. Light pollution is at a minimum throughout the whole peninsula making this a great activity, especially during the winter months.

This month we are hosting a moon viewing on the 17th of Feb, mark this day on your calendar!

If you are interested in learning more Denis Walsh will be hosting this event and many more astronomy events throughout the year. Come join us here in the hub as we watch the moon as it waxes and wanes, go planet hunting or just wonder at the “falling stars”. Other fun activities such as full moon walks and campfire astrology available on request.

Check out for lots more info and viewings throughout Ireland. They have a great website with lots of information and offer free advice on astronomical equipment and techniques for observing and astrophotography. Also AI Radio Show – the very latest news and what to see every Tuesday at 8pm – listen live online or get MP3 download at this website (available within 15 hours usually) or as a podcast.

This March we will be taking part in the Beara Lifelong Learning Festival 2018 and are offering a free astronomy event on Monday 19th March, 2018 at 6pm  in the hub. Please arrive on time and depending on the weather, you may have the opportunity to look at the Bull rock through the telescope. Denis will be hosting and it is sure to be a fun and interesting evening. Bookings are essential as space is limited.