December 4th and the hub is well and truly up and running! November was spent training and organising and has passed quickly.

Wool Wednesday’s have been a great success and continues to grow weekly. Our youngest attendee being just 6 years old and already a great fan of crochet. It’s a lovely way to pass a few hours, so we will continue to facilitate this in the Hub on Wednesday’s, if you haven’t come by yet, please do!  At the moment we have both knitters and crochet fans but are looking to include; sewing, macramé and weaving in the New Year.

Our printer now works wirelessly and anyone interested in having an office space away from home should come by and avail of our laptops and printer/fax/scanner and copier!

January can be a long dull month for many and to beat the January blues we are planning a couple of weekends and fun things to keep you all entertained.

January 19th to 21st will be a great weekend with guided walks by Carina from Beara Baoi Tours, yoga with Nadette and storytelling by Mary Maddison. For more details contact us directly, or follow us on FB! @allihieshub

The weekend of January 27th and 28th we will have Pat Kiernan, artistic director of Corcadora Theatre Company facilitating a drama workshop. Established in 1991, Corcadora is one of the countries foremost theatre companies. Throughout the years, Corcadora has pioneered the art of theatre performance in unusual venues and has carved out a unique place for itself in Irish theatre. This is a great opportunity and limited spaces are available so if you are interested, please contact us soon to avoid disappointment!